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Book Review: Pew by Catharine Lacey

Having not read any of Catherine Lacey's other books I had no preconceptions about this one. I'm so glad I didn't as it is an incredibly affecting work. Once I'd finished reading it I tried to work out what is was that made it so impactful and why I was still thinking about it days afterwards.

The main character barely speaks, I'd say they have less than 50 spoken words in the entire book; the rest is interior monologue. And yet it is the ambiguity around their background, their experiences, and the sinister 'festival' that leads to very uncomfortable feelings throughout.

Continued silence draws people into her confidence and we learn so much about the machinations of the town that way. It can leave you feeling very uncomfortable but it is the spareness of the writing that makes it so.

Technically brilliant and understated but packs a big emotional punch!



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