“‘Working Mothers – The Essential Guide’ covers a wide range of subjects in just enough depth that you get a good understanding of each, but not so much that you risk getting overwhelmed.

"This book isn’t just for new mums, though. It would be useful if you were returning to work after a career break, changing your job or just feeling frazzled by life as a working mum. It looks at balancing work with a family of any age, too. In fact I picked up some tips about delegating chores to kids that I’ll be trying out when my children are a bit older!”

“Whether you are employed or self employed, this is an excellent book. It is very easy to read and I found I could relate well to Denise’s informal writing style. She writes clearly and concisely without being patronising and you can tell much of what is written is from experience. I read the book cover to cover for my review, but you could easily use it as a reference book.

“I found the chapters on time management, working from home tips and positivity, particularly relevant to myself (I think positivity is so important) and there is also a whole chapter on the guilt we can sometimes feel as working Mums which is essential reading!”

“The book is laid out really well, it is really easy to read, sections are clear and the bullet point format makes it perfect to flick through when you want to go over the different sections. A tiny confession; I scribbled on pretty much every page as I read it, to make a note of something to look into or for the future!”

Recommended by Care for the Family


Thirty Seven Stories

My short story entitled ‘I’m Watching You’ was accepted for publication as part of an anthology called Thirty Seven Stories by Biscuit Jar Publications.

“A fine range of story ideas, engagingly written.”
John Riches, Director of QueensPark Books


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