Media Training

If you work in an area that may take you in to the public eye, you could benefit from media training. Facing a journalist, camera or microphone for the first time can be a daunting experience but with a little knowledge, you can remain completely in control of the interview.

I run a half and full day media training session to help people feel more confident when in an interview situation and also to understand how the media works and what they can expect. This involves explaining our interview management system and going through practise interviews in different scenarios. We always ask in advance what particular issues you are concerned with so we can tailor make the session to give you a realistic and useful dry run.

Through press officer work in the sports area I have media trained a wide variety of sportspeople from footballers to Olympic athletes. Exactly the same principles apply in non-sports areas and I have also successfully media trained company board members and theatre directors alike.

To discuss your specific media training needs, please get in touch using the Contact page. Thanks.

Other courses

I recently ran a course entitled ‘An Introduction to Print Journalism’ for CSV in Brighton. This is a five week evening course which gives people a basic introduction to working in print journalism to help them make informed career choices.